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Immigration and Border Security

Immigration and Border Security

Immigration and border security issues are especially urgent here in Arizona, but unfortunately we’ve seen many elected officials and candidates use these issues for their own political gain instead of actually solving the problems. I support a federal immigration strategy that includes a) proper funding for border security and the tools to protect our communities from criminal cartels and traffickers, and b) fair and sensible reform measures that recognize those who are in our country working hard, playing by the rules and doing their part to build a stronger future. This is what America was founded on.


I support it. The DREAM Act provides a fair and sensible process for young people who were brought into this country as children and are now working hard, playing by the rules and building a stronger future. This rigorous process allows young people who meet specific qualifications to serve in the armed forces or pursue a higher education in order to obtain legal status. The DREAM Act has been endorsed by fair-minded people across our nation — from top Pentagon officials to editorial boards to Republicans and Democrats alike.

Ann's record on Border Security

-Ann pushed for successful passage of a $600 million border security package.

-Pushed the White House to deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to the border. 

-Introduced the Southern Border Security Act to expand the Border Patrol by 3,500 agents and deploy them to border.

-Introduced the Border Violence Prevention Act of 2009 to provide border agents with better weapons, body armor, and technology. 

-Introduced the Anti-Cash Smuggling Act to give law enforcement new tools to stop cartel money laundering. 

-Introduced the Southwest Border Narcotics Reduction Act to include all of Arizona in successful anti-drug trafficking program. 

-Led a successful campaign against White House’s proposed cuts to State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP), which reimburses Arizona for efforts on this national priority. 


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