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Arizona First

Growing up in the White Mountains, every storefront was as local as my father's general store. We supported each other in our community, in good times and difficult ones. That "Arizona first" attitude is how I was raised - and it's something we need more of in Congress.

Our district is home to dozens of small towns and hundreds of small businesses. In conversations with my friends and neighbors, everyone keeps asking what WE can do to support and bolster our local economies.

Based on these conversations, I decided to launch an initiative this fall called Arizona First. I ask that you please join me in supporting our local businesses by putting Arizona first.

In the coming months, here are just a few ways that my campaign is putting Arizona first.

We are...

- Featuring local food, beverages, music, and art at our house meetings and events.

- Holding meetings and get-togethers at locally owned restaurants and coffee shops.

- Helping local charities that serve the needy in our communities.

- Promoting local job resources and opportunities.

- Posting information about Arizona First events on Facebook.

- Tweeting live updates and photos from events throughout Greater Arizona with the hashtag #AZfirst.

- Featuring YOUR Arizona First stories on Facebook.

You can get involved in putting Arizona first by hosting or attending a house party, eating at local restaurants, drinking your coffee at local shops, and giving your time to local charities.

Tweet your Arizona First stories to @Ann_Kirkpatrick or email them to me directly at I want to hear from you - what does it mean to put Arizona first and how are you putting Arizona first?

I sincerely hope you will join me in putting Arizona First.


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